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CVS Howto: Adding a file (ASC)

If you have ASCII or text file(s) that you want to add to a directory in the repository you need to first have the file in the location that you want in you're working directory. Following the example used before suppose we have new ASC files that we have put in a folder under the main module:


There are two ways to add the files, one at a time or all at once. JCVS has a limitation in that it can only add multiple files to a subdirectory of the main module, I'm not clear why there is this limitation. Also, if the added files are in a new subdirectory you must first add one file (any one of the files in the subdirectory) which will in turn create that sub directory. After the subdirectory is created the remaining files can be added in mass.

Here are the steps to adding a single ASC file. First select the folder you wish to add the file from then select from the Misc menu:
Add and ASC file

Now select the ASC/text file that you want to add:
Adding an ASC file

Here are the steps to adding multiple ASC files. Again select the folder you wish to add the text files from:
Add multiple files

Now you will see a different dialog that allows you to select multiple files by holding down the control key:
Adding multiple files

When you are finished adding and editing all the files you must commit them to the respository for them to become avaliable to others.

Adding Binary files Adding binary

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